Sony DMX-E3000 digital audio mixer

The DMX-E3000 is a 32-channel AES/EBU digital audio mixer for video post production. The user friendly control surface of the DMX-E3000 provides a video styled program/preset bus, crossfade facility, integral input routing switcher, snapshot memory of control panel settings and EQ/filter option. This mixer incorporates advanced audio control and processing, supporting the 4 channels of audio on DVTRs.

32 Input capability; 32 inputs via 16 input ports conforming to the AES/EBU digital format, allowing connections of up to eight D1, D2 digital VTRs or "DIGITAL BETACAM" VTRs or professional digital audio equipments, such as PCM-7050/7030 Sony professional DAT recorders.

Built-in 32 X 16 AES/EBU Routing Switcher 32 Channel Control Mode Flexible Preview CH-1 to CH4 Preview Buses Monitor MIX Matrix Stereo Digital Insertion Versatile Remote Control Facility Fader Learn Funcitions Channel Link Operations Up to 99 Snapshot Memories Fader Depth Control Flexible Crossfade (transitions)