DSR-45 DVCAM Compact Digital VTR

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DVCAM Compact Digital VTR with 2" LCD. This front-loading VTR accepts both standard and mini size cassettes, and its half-rack design allows the DSR-45 to be easily integrated into existing linear and non-linear editing systems. The DSR-45 is also an ideal VTR for those looking to move from analog based formats to a professional grade digital format with a simple yet robust migration path.



Larger 2 Color LCD Video Monitor for Viewing Video Playback, Audio Levels and Menu Selection
DVCAM Format and DV Format (SP Mode Only) Capability
Long Duration Recording Capability
Compact Half-rack Unit Size
Standard and MiniDV Cassette Size Compatible
Standard and MiniDV Cassette Size Compatible
4-pin i.LINK IEEE-1394 DV I/O Interface
Analog Component Video IN/OUT
4-Channel Separate Audio IN/OUT
Tape Counter Display
Time Code IN/OUT
Time Code / User Bit Preset (for DVCAM Mode only)
Time Code Recording via DV IN
RS-422A Interface for Feeder Operation
RS-232C Interface
Color Bar Generation






DVCAM and DV Format Compatible


Incorporates the DVCAM format offering superior video and audio quality for broadcast and professional use. Also capable of recording and playing the consumer DV format (SP mode only), allowing a maximum of 270 minutes of recording time (DVCAM format: maximum 184 minutes)

Compact Size


Space-saving half-rack size width and two unit (2U) height.

Standard and MiniDV Cassette Size Compatible


The DSR-45 accommodates the two industry standard sizes of DVCAM and DV videocassette tapes; standard size and miniDV size

Analog Component Video IN/OUT


The DSR-45 has both an analog component input and output, allowing a versatile interface with current analog equipment and systems.

4-Channel Separate Audio IN/OUT


The DSR-45 has four independently selectable audio channels for simultaneous recording. Audio output consists of four XLR connectors, and audio input consists of four PIN (RCA) connections.

Tape Counter Display


The DSR-45 has a digital tape counter display equipped on the front panel, convenient for performing relative time code data editing and monitoring the operation of the unit.

Time Code IN/OUT


The DSR-45 is equipped with time code IN/OUT capabilities, enabling synchronization with external equipment. The unit can output the time code read from the tape as an analog signal when played back at normal speed, and can also receive an analog time code signal from external sources.

Time Code / User Bit Preset (for DVCAM Mode only)


The initial time code can be preset using the internal time code generator. User bits can be preset to store alphanumeric data such as date, time, scene number, and other user information.

Time Code Recording via DV IN


When recording through i.LINK, the time code o the original source can be recorded on to the tape, making it suitable for downloading non-linear edited sources with its original time code.

RS-422A Interface


The DSR-45 is equipped with the professional industry standard RS-422A 9-pin control interface. This interface allows the DSR-45 to be controlled as a player or feeder into linear and non-linear editing systems. (NOTE: The DSR-45 cannot be controlled as a recorder by RS-422A.)

RS-232C Interface


The DSR-45 is equipped with RS-232C control interface, allowing the basic VTR functions to be controlled from a PC platform control system. (NOTE: An RS-232C protocol manual is supplied with the DSR-45. Operation compatibility is dependent on third party system developers.)

Color Bar Generation


Built-in color bar generators are accessible through the user menu. (NOTE: The color bar is not compatible to SMPTE Standards.)



Dubbing has just been made easier with a convenient front panel dub key. When connected to another VTR or camcorder with the i.LINK (DV I/O) connection, a simple push of a button allows dubbing of the original tape and its time code.

i.LINK (DV In/Out)


The 4-pin i.LINK IEEE 1394 DV I/O connection allows digital dubbing and editing with virtually no quality loss. The IEEE 1394 DV I/O enables connection to compatible third party video cameras, camcorders, VTRs, computers and video capture boards that support the DV In/Out interface for desktop editing. (NOTE: i.LINK connection compatibility must be verified by third party manufacturer.)








212mm x 98mm x 392.8mm (including knob and button protrusions)




Power Requirement


AC: 100 ~ 240V

Power Consumption


Approx. AC: 22W

Video Signal


EIA Standards, NTSC color

Audio Signal


REC: 48kHz/16bit, 32kHz/12bit
PB: 48kHz/16bit, 32kHz/12bit, 32kHz/16bit, 44kHz/16bit

Video Input


Component: BNC x 3 (Y, R-Y, B-Y) Composite: BNC x 1
S-Video: Y/C (mini DIN 4-pin) x1

Audio Inputs


Phono Jacks x4; Variable (-10, -2, +4) Input Level Selection

Audio Output


XLR 3-pin male x 4 (+4dBu)
RCA x 1 (Monitor Out)

i.LINK Digital In/Out


IEEE 1394 DV I/O 4pin x 1

Headphone Jack


Stereo Mini (Front Panel)

Time Code In


BNC x1

Time Code Out


BNC x1



4-pin IEEE 1394 DV I/O x1



D-sub 9-pin (Female)



D-sub 9-pin (Male)

Control S


Stereo Mini



Stereo Mini-mini