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D5W 5.6" monitor w/ NP-F plate
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S/N: 201211210002
Used. Cosmetic 9/10

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Price: $344

The Ikan D5 / D5W is a 5.6" on-camera monitor featuring 1280x800 resolution, 3G-SDI / HD-SDI, and HDMI inputs. This is the D5W version which includes waveform, RGB parade, and vectorscope - for making sure you get the right exposure and shot every time. This can be powered with the included power supply or via Sony NP style batteries (Sony L series). It offers a powerful set of tools including peaking for aiding in focus, false color, DSLR scaling, underscan, pixel to pixel, and headphone jack for audio monitoring, and many more useful features. Rubberized texture for better grip. Three function-assignable buttons are available.

Includes power supply, built in sun visor as well as additional Sun Hood, shoe mount, battery charger, and battery. Most of these items are not typically included when this monitor is sold. Clean cosmetics overall, minor wear on body. The screen is clean, without scratches. Tested in excellent working order.


Switchers / Routers / DA / Conversion

Blackmagic Design
Teranex 2D Video Processor
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S/N: 1909660
Used. Cosmetic 9/10

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Price: $1,099

The Blackmagic Teranex 2D Processor is a standards converter, video format converter, and capture/playback device. Can simultaneously convert and capture - via Thunderbolt - into a computer for editing. Features extremely high-quality de-interlacing, up and down conversion, SD and HD cross conversion, SD and HD standards conversion, automatic cadence detection and removal (even with edited content), noise reduction, adjustable scaling, aspect ratio conversion, and timecode conversion; and accompanying all the video conversion functionality is 16 channel audio conversion capacity. Comparable to the AJA FS1 at a lower cost. Compatibility with programs such as Final Cut Pro, Media Composer, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Nuke, ProTools, Media Express, and Ultrascope. Inputs/Outputs include SD/HD/3G-SDI, component, HDMI. Audio is embedded or seperate via analog and aes/ebu (require breakout). Also has 9-pin remote, ethernet, and thunderbolt connections. This is one of those everything in, everything out boxes.

Clean cosmetic condition and good working order.

Tricaster 460 with control surface
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S/N: NA2018286357973
Used/demo. Cosmetic 9/10

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Price: $13,995
This is a kit consisting of the Newtek Tricaster 460 (TCXD460) and the 460 Control Surface - combining a 4-camera production system with a control surface for intuitive live production control. With just one 2RU system you can record, encode, switch, submix, playback, mix audio, create advanced graphics/titles, and more. Ideal for live event producers, webcasters, mobile, advanced worship producers, or broadcast studios - you can broadcast, project, stream, and record simultaneously. The Control Surface lets you maintain a small production footprint without sacrificing tactile manual control - features illuminated buttons, premium T-bar, and 3-axis joystick for precision control of effects, zooms, and transitions. 15-channel multi-camera production with 4 HD-SDI inputs with color correction, keying, cropping, scaling, and frame sync on every input. It allows for digital media from 2 built-in graphic and sound slots, 2 network sources for sharing computer displays, wireless iOS devices, or any over-the-network source, and 4 M/E banks to stage live virtual sets, create real-time compositions and presets, and submixes that can act as upstream switchers (or secondary programs out).

Additional features include: expanded media sources (buffers and network inputs, visual & motion effects, automation, virtual sets, third party applications, virtual camera moves, macros, m/e autoplay, midi support, advanced audio functions, ptz camera control, transwarp effects, buffers, and much more. The features and functions are too numerous to list. Suffice it to say, this is an extremely powerful and versatile all-in-one professional production system.

The Tricaster 460 sells new for $14,995 and the control surface for $5,495 (both together for $19,995). So you are essentially getting the 460 Control Surface for free!

Beyond the Control Surface, this includes keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, power cord, rubber feet, keys, BNC removal tool, USB cable, and original boxes. Build # 2-5-160706C. Virtual Set Editor 2 and Animation Store Creator 2 installed, adding even more value to this package. 3TB Media drive. This was purchased in 2014. It was a demo item in an equipment showroom, so it was never put into full heavy use by end user. So this is very lightly used, with very minor cosmetic wear (just some exterior scuffs if looking very carefully). Overall in like new condition, with low usage, and in excellent working order.



Cube 155 HD-SDI Encoder w/ Wifi
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S/N: 15507459
Used. Cosmetic 9/10

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The Teradek Cube 155 HD-SDI with WiFi is a wireless camera-top video and embedded audio decoder. Connects to camera via SDI and streams proxy files/dailies in H.264 to a decoder or website. You can stream by dual-band WiFi, ethernet via an optional router, or by an optional 3G/4G modem connection. TeraCentral app allows you to discover, configure, and view video on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can also store files to a MicroSD card (up to 32GB). Attaches either to camera hot shoe or to cage/rig by 1/4"-20 screw. Is powered via internal li-ion battery (up to 2 hours), AC adapter, or external battery via 2-pin lemo. An OLED screen shows battery life, online status, and URL being streamed to, and menu navigation (also configure/control with WebUI).

Includes AC adapter, international plug set, shoe mount, BNC cable, ethernet cable, and original box. Clean cosmetics and proper working order.


Non-Linear Editing

Nitris DX DNxHD hardware I/O
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S/N: BLBFE11000287
Used. Cosmetic 9/10

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Price: $799
The Avid Nitris DX DNxHD is an external hardware accelerator and input/output unit that works with Avid Media Composer, Symphony, and Newscutter. Provides real-time encoding to DNxHD and also hardware acceleration when handling files encoded as DNxHD, HDV, DVCPro, XDCAM EX - thus freeing up your CPU/GPU for other tasks such as playback and rendering. Features HD Anamorphic (thin raster) support, cross-conversion and down conversion, capture/output of ancillary data such as closed captioning and AFD, and sync to different video/audio clocks (black burst, tri level, aes, s/pdif). Connections include: dual link support, SD/HD-SDI, SD/HD component, composite, s-video, HDMI monitoring, ref sync, LTC timecode, wordclock, ADAT, XLR, 1/4", RCA analog, AES, S/PDIF. All outputs are always active, for simultaneous synchronized connections. Input audio pass through for monitoring audio input without affecting capture. This has flexible scalable architecture. For example, add a second DNxHD card for real-time stereoscopic 3D support. Or install a AVC-intra card to encode, decode, and accelerate both DNxHD and AVC-intra. Potential exists for expansion to support future formats and protocols. This is the newer v2 release of this hardware with new Avid logo that was sold as a hardware only device separate from Media Composer software. Brand new price was $4,750.

Includes PCI-e interface host card, PCIe host cable, and power cable. Mint condition with only minor wear on exterior. Clean interior without large amounts of dust buildup which is often seen in these. Tested in good working order. Multiple units are available.

Blackmagic Design
Davinci Resolve color correction
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Used. Cosmetic 9.5/10

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Price: $424

This is a dongle that activates the full version of Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve 12 / 12.5 Studio color correction / grading software. The new version 12 studio adds over 80 new features and is now more than a color correction program, but a full-fledged non-linear editing system poised to compete with Adobe Premiere, Avid, Final Cut Pro. The full version has many features the free Lite version doesn't such as support for resolutions over 4K UHD, 3D stereoscopic grading, noise reduction, motion blur, HDR grading, deinterlacing on export, power mastering (output to tape in real time), support of Resolve transform language (.dctl) and ARRI .look files, OpenFX effects, leverage power of multiple graphics cards and/or Red Rocket cards, collaborative features for multiple users on same project, and remote grading (online grade over internet).

This includes the USB dongle (essentially what you are paying for since software is free to download). This comes with a card with version 11 software on it - but dongle will work with any full version including version 9, 10, 11, 12 studio, 12.5 studio. The latest software is downloadable for free on the Blackmagic website. Mint "like new" condition, was never used. Good working order.